Did you know?

God doesn’t care what the color of your skin is.

Jesus came to bring salvation to ALL people.

The only real difference between “races” are the parts of our DNA which code for skin color, hair texture, and morphological features. Our differences are just a tiny fraction of our DNA and yet those differences are part of the cause of most of our conflicts in the world, outside religious differences.

genetic-variationOur “racial differences” come about by a very small fraction of our DNA. By very small I mean 0.1%. We are all related and that takes us back to the Garden. Our original parents were dark-skinned like anyone from the Middle East is, yet over the thousands of years since the Garden our skin tones have changed to accommodate our location in the world.

So, why exactly do we have so many problems which are caused by skin color and other superficial features? Is it because of pride or arrogance? At times, I think it is because we have trouble just dealing with our differences regardless of how minor they may be. Then we look at all of the cultural differences that we have and those do outnumber our racial differences.

Culturally, we are different from each other in so many different ways until it is hard to understand how we do get along as well as we do! Will it be possible to get past these differences in the future? Not without the help and influence of Jesus as our King! He will rule the world for one thousand years and our differences will go away for that time. When we all enter into eternity none of our differences will matter at all because we will be serving God in all things and in all ways.

The reason that life is so mixed up today is that of the time in which we are living. We are at the point just before the Tribulation and just ahead of the time when the church will be taken up into Heaven. That is why there are so many problems and natural disasters and other things like the changes in the climate which are happening. The natural world is waiting for God to change it back to the way it was in the Garden so long ago. Jesus said that there would be “birth pains before the end of the age“.

Many other signs will be happening between now and the time that the leader who will make peace treaties in the Middle East for Israel. Be watchful and seek God’s wisdom in these times because He knows what is happening and why, so follow Jesus before the end comes.

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