God’s position

God is unchanging in His ways and the “church” in America today seems to be telling people that He does. Saying it will not make it so. We, meaning all who claim to be Christians, should read our Bibles more carefully and take what is said in them as being the Truth. Since it was His Holy Spirit which prompted the men who wrote each book, the Word is His Word and considering that God can’t lie then every word is Truth.

I will not get into the debate over sexual orientation or other lifestyles here, but God’s position is clear in His Word. There is no solution for a couple other than a man and a woman since God’s intention, in the beginning, was for them to “be fruitful and multiply”. This is the natural order of all living things, human or otherwise. God loves His entire Creation and the salvation of mankind is only by belief in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as your Lord and Savior.

IamtheWayAny other pathway which other philosophies espouse is a false path and doesn’t lead to Heaven at all. Is it possible to gain entrance into Heaven without Jesus? No! Works of ours do not qualify any of us because when they are done without Jesus in our hearts they are meaningless in God’s sight. Living and working in this world without Jesus is possible but gaining entry to Heaven is not. If you die without Jesus then you will be judged by Him and sent to hell for the decision which you chose to make about your salvation and your own righteousness!

Your sins will be part of your judgment without Jesus to cover them but they won’t be the only reason you spend eternity in hell. A sentence to hell is because of your decision to go through life without Jesus in your heart and as a guide in your life.

God loves you and me so much that He wants us to come to know His Son. Which of us will decide to follow Him is known by God, yet the decision to know and believe in Jesus for our salvation is our individual decision to make. So, what will your decision be? Will you believe in Jesus the Christ as your Savior and Lord in the simple way that the thief on the cross did? He didn’t have any way of being baptized or any time to do any works for Jesus except to believe in Him because of what he knew of Him, yet Jesus told him that “this day you will be with Me in Paradise“.

If that thief could come to Him in his humble faith and believe unto salvation then why can’t more people give their lives to Him in service until He comes or they come to the end of their lives? In today’s world, there are so many who are against Christianity because Christians believe in the inerrant Word of God and what it contains…the Truth of Salvation and Wisdom from God! Religion doesn’t save you, a denomination doesn’t grant you entrance into Heaven, no amount of works or money given to the church will gain you entrance either. The only way to eternity with Jesus in Heaven is through belief in Him for your salvation and repentance of your sins which have kept you from Him prior to your conviction by the Holy Spirit when you realized that you truly need Him!

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