Light of the World

This phrase is used many times in the gospels when Jesus is speaking about Himself and about the salvation which comes to those who believe in Him for their salvation. But…what does it mean? “Light of the World“; Jesus said that we, as His followers, are to be the light to a dark world. So why isn’t the church trying harder to be that light? Are we afraid of making people angry or of not being politically correct?

Jesus wasn’t politically correct in His day so why should we be in ours? The world around us needs to hear His message of love and compassion today…right now! Why? Because the other parts of the world and the other religions aren’t providing that light! As Christians, we are supposed to expose the darkness to His LIght and His Love and for the past fifty years or so much of Christendom has dropped that ball. We proclaim it to the crowds in concerts and congregations but what about those in places where darkness reigns today?

IamtheWayDo they hear about Jesus and His love for them? Have we made sure that the message is getting to those places or maybe we are just sitting in church praying that someone will tell them? Have we put feet to our faith or do we neglect to take the message outside the church because it’s too much trouble? What if Paul had said no and decided not to take the message of Christ to the Gentiles, like us, much of the world at the time would never have heard of the love of Jesus!

Jesus confronted Saul in such a way that he couldn’t deny Who had touched his heart and he could not have turned away from such a mission field because Jesus gave His blood and His life for us in order to save us from hell! The grace and love of God came down to us and wore human flesh for the time of His ministry. He went through all of the pain and suffering willingly in order to bring salvation to all who believe in Him for their salvation!

Since Jesus did this, why can’t we tell others about His love for them, especially if they don’t know about Him!? God loves each of us! Whether we suffer from a disease or from persecution or from poverty, He is still with us in our suffering. God may allow Satan to cause suffering, which he does very well, but God’s purpose and His love for you will never fail you, no matter what you are going through.

The love and grace of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, will always be near you and He will strengthen you in whatever you may be going through. His Spirit will be closer to you than anyone can be since He lives in your heart! There is no distance between you and God when you are a born-again Christian. He hears your prayers and He knows the pain that you have for your family in whatever situation they may be in. God loves you and even though you aren’t required to love Him in return, you will learn to love Him when you give your heart to Jesus!

Being a Christian and a follower of Jesus is a process. You can feel Him touching your heart and drawing you to Himself, convicting you of your sins but it is your decision to accept Him as your Savior. When you do, the process begins and it doesn’t end until you are in His Presence!


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