How little we are

In the world today we live and love at God’s grace and discretion. Although many do not see it this way, it’s our life which comes to us through Him and no other. We are not in control of our lives even if it seems to be that we are, but God in His Mercy gives us those things which are needed at the time that we need them.

Should we work toward that goal of becoming more like Jesus? Yes, we should because it is our calling and our duty to do so. Little by little we should become more like Him, if we determine to walk in His light each day, yet not in our strength but by depending on Him for each step. Why do I say that we are little and cannot walk in our own strength? Because it is true!

DontLetGoWe aren’t strong enough to withstand the devil’s temptation and the arrows which he flings in our direction each day. Because Satan knows each person’s weakness and frankly our weakness boils down to pride and greed. Usually, our greatest weaknesses are linked to at least one of those if not both! Alone and without the Holy Spirit we can’t resist our greatest temptations, especially on a bad day but also on a good day as well!

Jesus can give us the strength through the Holy Spirit and help us to walk in His strength and His light each day but we must determine to do so each day. Life is hard on individuals in this world and without Jesus in your heart and His Spirit getting you through your trials each day then more people fail and fall for the temptations of Satan. We are small and little compared to God and His Spirit. Yes, we are weak in our faith and in our walk with Him too. Very few people can claim to walk in His steps each day and if you tell others that you do then they look at you like you are bragging or you are crazy.

It is best to keep your walk in faith a secret between you and God. Others will see the results of that walk as long as it is real and genuine. Even if your faith feels small to you, God knows where your faith is placed and Who it is placed in…Jesus. Don’t underestimate even tiny faith. Remember, even faith no bigger than a mustard seed is enough to move mountains IF we do not doubt that God can do what we are asking.

Some people may say something like, “Where was He when my wife/daughter/father was dying?”; did you blame Him for what was happening or did you stand in faith that no hair would be harmed and meant it?

Our God and Savior, Jesus the Christ, is the only way to get to Heaven so don’t ignore His call in your heart and your life. Seek Him during your life here because there are no second chances once your life is over!

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself because it is not there.

C. S. Lewis

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