Where is God in this?

This is the feeling I get when I watch the news or any coverage of the devastation left behind by these hurricanes this year. Yet, nobody seems to be asking or answering the question. Even in religious programming! I get emails for donations to help, but who is actually helping these people? Those in Puerto Rico have no electricity, no clean water and very little food; people in Florida nursing homes are dying because of lack of electricity and the heat, so where is the help that is supposed to be there?

You and I know that God is there in all of this, yet there is no one telling the news media about His Presence. Samaritan’s Purse is in Texas and in Florida and I imagine they have some people in the Caribbean helping out as much as they can. There are products like water and food that are being delivered as quickly as possible but there are many who are angry because they want everything back the way it was before! They want it right now!!

God is there! His grace and mercy is there, but people don’t recognize it for what it is. We are so accustomed to getting what we want right now! We as a society don’t know how to have patience enough to wait for Him to bring help and food and water or whatever you need! HE is always near, especially to those who believe in Him but He is also there with those who haven’t given their hearts to Him. He is waiting for you to decide that you need Him.

That is why He has given us free choice to use it in our life and our decisions. We have a choice of whether we will believe in Him, and live our lives according to His will as taught in the Bible. He also gives us the choice to NOT believe in Him or in Jesus and just live our lives according to our own desires and our beliefs or lack of belief!

Why does He give us a choice? If we didn’t have a choice, we wouldn’t be human beings! We would be more like robots or automatons and that is not the kind of relationship that God wants with us at all!

Would you want a relationship with someone who doesn’t have a choice? They do what you want, when you want, no questions and they always hear you when you speak. Sounds a lot like slavery or a robot or something doesn’t it?

When you love someone deeply, don’t you want them to love you as well? God wants that relationship with us. That doesn’t mean that He needs our love, but He desires it. Parents know this because they love their children and they feel love from their children when they get old enough to know what love really is. That is the kind of relationship of love that God wants with us!

He is always near to us no matter what situation is happening in our life, when we are believers in Him. If you don’t know Him or believe in Him, he is near but not in the same way until you call on Him to give your life to Him. Then He is immediately there and will be near from that point on if you give your heart to Him.IamtheWay

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