Wealth and poverty

I read something earlier today that bothered me because it was a kind of put-down of people who don’t have as much as others. In other words, they are poor. The article spoke of someone who eats “ketchup sandwiches, how pathetic”; I am not angry about their attitude but I knew someone who loved those sandwiches and I am married to a lady who liked mayonnaise sandwiches. You know, life throws all of us a curve now and then and sometimes we get hit with it a bit hard at times. When that happens, our life can go “off the rails” so to speak and it isn’t as acceptable or wonderful as other people’s lives.

PovertyWhat is my point with this? Here is a quote from an advertisement for a movie coming out soon:  Wealth and fame crumble when compared to life in Christ. 

Wealth is good when it is used in useful ways to help others and not squandered on things and vacations just because you can. Our lives can be so much more when we give our heart and our lives to Jesus the Christ. Not because He will make us wealthy, but because when we belong to Him…we already are. He is the Creator and we have been adopted into His family! He could give me a pound of platinum in the blink of an eye, but what good is that compared to eternity?

Why do you think that those who live in poverty in many areas of the world, give their lives to Jesus when they hear the message about Him? It is because it doesn’t matter what your circumstances in this life are, when you die and go to be with Him then you will have eternity to worship and praise Him and rule with Him one day. This temporary life with its fickle fame and fortune will be gone one day, whether it is by your death or by the time of Tribulation, none of this stuff matters!

Life is more than money and fame and houses or land! It is about you serving your Savior! He gave up His position in Heaven to come to Earth as a baby and be a man who did not sin and then die for your sins and everyone else’s sins, past, present and future! He did this not for fame or wealth but for LOVE. He, God our Father in Heaven, loves each of us SO MUCH that He gave a part of Himself for each of us, Jesus the Son. If you don’t think that His Son meant as much to Him as your child then you don’t know how deeply God felt. Even I don’t know how deeply God feels our betrayal and our rejection of Him or His Son, nobody can understand this because His ways are not like ours!

Take the time to learn about Him by reading and studying the Bible. Pray about what you read and be still and know that He is God! There is no other! The wealth of the entire world wouldn’t make anyone happy, it would only make them miserable because money cannot buy the things in life which truly matter! No matter how much or how little you have in money, God loves you and will always be there. Money can be taken from you, but it won’t buy love or friendship or anything which gives life its meaning.

This is why poor people always seek Jesus because knowing Him as your Savior makes you an adopted child of God, the Creator of all. What more could you ask for?

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