Easter…did it happen?

empty_tomb11We celebrate Easter by doing some strange things like dying eggs and watching for the Easter bunny, but those things have nothing to do with Christianity. So why are they and this holiday part of our religion? Partly because the early church wanted to bring pagans into the church, so they adopted the spring festival that the pagans used to celebrate the renewal of life in the spring as the holiday to represent the resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus’ resurrection did not occur in the way that many people think, at least not according to the Easter celebration. Yes, Jesus was raised to life after three days. Yes, He walked out of the tomb with a new body, but still bearing the scars which He kept because of His sacrifice for us on the cross. Those from the scourging that He bore, were gone. None of the gospel writers tell of any of those scars being seen, which is interesting because the prophecies and some historians of the time said that He was unrecognizable from them.

God can and does heal any disease, even today, and those scars were healed because He bore them for us. God hasn’t stopped healing people and it confounds our doctors today because they can’t understand how someone who was so near death could show no sign of cancer or any other disease, without treatment. The love which God has for us is a type of love which we can’t understand with our mortal, human minds. But…God can work through our prayers and by our faith in Him and His power to work things in such a way that we can’t explain it.

That resurrection morning, when Jesus came out of the tomb, the stone was rolled away by God’s power. It may have been an angel who rolled it away, so that Mary and the disciples could see into the tomb, but it was still the power of God that worked through it all. Your sins and mine were taken away with that resurrection and the work of Jesus Who gave Himself as a Perfect Lamb and sacrifice for all of humanity’s sins. All that we need to do is to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us and when we hear it, we should respond in faith.

When you do that, your heart is changed into a new creation and you are too. You are no longer the same person who came to church or was reading the Bible and felt the touch of God on your life. You did not do anything other than believe in what you heard or read and the Holy Spirit touched your spirit, your heart, and you accepted the greatest Gift that has ever been given to us! Each of us who have accepted that Gift never have to worry about our eternal reward, because it is sealed in the Blood of Jesus!

When you know that you have given your heart to Him, then the only testimony needed is your baptism. It is a symbolic of your death to sin and then rising to walk in the newness of Life with Jesus. Is it necessary for your salvation? No, but it is a testimony to others of what has happened. Then, read God’s Word and pray about what you read so that He can teach you from it and reveal His Truth to you. While you do that, tell others about Him and what He did for you.

Because, God loves you and He did all of this for you and for me and for everyone who has given their lives to Him through faith. Seek Him out in His Word and at a Bible teaching church, learn about your Savior because He already knows you better than you know yourself.

One thought on “Easter…did it happen?

  1. I believe Pastor50 it is important for us to remember Christ’s death as we remember His Birth, both go together, without them we all would be still under the Slavery of Sin without any Hope of Redemption or Eternal life as we know Holy Communion also reminds us of these Truths.

    I am a R. E Teacher and have been for many years, I also have also had Funday School for Children in my own Home at different times throughout the years and when I do I share with them about The Godhead or Trinity as we call Them today and that They are Loved by them very much, most of these Children have never heard about God, Jesus or The Holy Spirit as they don’t have R.E at their School which is sadly becoming more accepted today in Australian Schools.

    At Easter I remind the Children that we are remembering that because Jesus Loved us very much He had to die so we could spend forever with Him in Heaven. I sometimes also share with the older Children the Story on the link below and tell them that at Easter just as God Created us and all the Animals including the Bunny Rabbit which have cute Baby Rabbits and about Chickens too which lay eggs and when a egg hatches we have new life and that is what Jesus gives us when we believe in Him.

    Easter- https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/the-empty-egg/

    Yes it is very True God is our only Healer regardless of the Tools or Vessels He uses, although I still have disabled feet and need to rest them, I have been Miraculously Healed much more than once and also saved from death at least 3 times that I know of. I have had Signs and Wonders in my life that no Man could have done only God, so they are not counterfeit and most of them have been witnessed by others including some of the Children in my Funday School but I’m not the only one who has been blessed this way, my friends and others that I know have also experienced some wonderful Blessings from God too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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