Daily living

Why are we so perplexed with the idea of living with Jesus, when we are supposed to be Christians if we believe in Him? Do you believe or not? Children can believe with no trouble at all, so why do we, as adults, have so much trouble?

Mostly, it seems to be our own brains. They become so full of information from college or work and news and emails or the Internet, until we have developed a type of information overload disorder. We have so much information from our life and from other areas of our lives rattling around in out heads until it keeps us distracted from keeping our focus on Jesus. Then, just as Peter did when he was walking on the water to Jesus, we get our attention diverted and we lose our spiritual focus.

Like looking for a deer or an elk in the forest when the leaves are still in full leaf, there is so much foliage breaking up the picture until we miss the deer or the herd of elk in the background. The same principle keeps us from concentrating on Jesus, keeping our focus on Him…we have bills to pay, then a friend has an accident in their car or our child needs us at school, there are deadlines at work and we only go to church once or twice a week.

How does a relationship work if you only see or listen to the other person’s voice once or twice a week? It isn’t much of a relationship at all! A husband and wife or any significant other wouldn’t consider themselves a couple if they only saw each other once or twice in a weeks time! So how can you have a relationship with your Savior and Creator if you only open a Bible or go to church once or twice a week? YOU CAN’T!!!

Even in the Garden, the Lord visited with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. I know it doesn’t say that it happened every day, but why not? This was before their disobedience, before the “eating from the tree that I told you not to eat from” incident, so don’t you think that God had to teach them something about their jobs? He had told Adam to care for the garden and the animals, so how would he know how to do all of this without God’s teaching him? By mind-meld? I don’t think so.

God loves all of His Creation, including the animals, the trees, the ocean and the fish and birds as well as us, humans. He had to teach Adam how to take care of all of this, so the walks in the cool of the day were teaching sessions most likely. That relationship, which we are supposed to be a part of, doesn’t work very well unless you get to know each other. God already knows you, so the only one in this relationship who needs to learn about the Other is each of us! You can’t learn about God or Jesus and the Holy Spirit by ignoring His Word or the teaching in a Bible teaching church.

Having a Bible in the house or on a table doesn’t count any more than having a medical textbook in the house makes you a doctor! We don’t learn by osmosis and you can’t sit in a church with other people and be a Christian, you have to seek Him and answer when He calls you to Himself! You can’t be forced into a relationship and God doesn’t do that. He will call you and you will know that it is His call but unlike some teachings out there which say that it is an “irresistible” call and that you can’t resist it, you actually can and many do.

The problem with that resistance is that eventually you may not hear it at all and your heart will not respond from that point on. Just as in a human relationship, if you keep pushing the other person away long enough, eventually they won’t come back. When you read the Scripture which reads “and God gave them over to their lusts”, that is what has happened. Please don’t make that mistake with your eternity.

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