Same old, same old…

Why do people who visit a church, regardless of the denomination, never come back? Sometimes, it is because of the message. It never changes, it is the same message that they have heard at other churches. Sometimes, they see and hear people in the church or prior to the service who are speaking and acting just like people outside the church. Which is where the hypocrite accusation comes from most of the time.

The cure and the reason that all of these are happening is that we are all sinners and have been that way all of our lives! Some of us may belong to Jesus, but there is still a struggle going on in our bodies between the “old man” that we were before salvation and the new creature that we became in Christ! That is why Jesus said that we have to pick up our crosses every day and follow Him. Your cross is to put your old nature on and then wash your spirit in God’s Word every day to keep your old nature on the cross, but it is a daily, sometimes hourly struggle to do so.

Being a Christian is not an easy thing to do. People think that when you accept Jesus as your Savior that your problems go away but that is usually when they start! Because, you weren’t a threat to Satan until you became a Christian so he didn’t bother you much. Now, if you are trying to live your life through Jesus and by His example, you are a threat to him and he and all of his demons and principalities will be after you to keep you from being successful in your new Life with Christ.

When someone tells you that there isn’t any difference between your church and the rest of the people outside your church, it is not a reflection on you or the church it is a reflection of those who attend the church. They either haven’t REALLY accepted Jesus as their Savior or they are just “playing church” and keeping the pew warm and nothing else. A stagnant Christian, one who accepted Jesus but doesn’t carry Him outside the church doors, is more dangerous than an atheist because they are denying the power of God to truly make a difference in their lives!

We should be learning more about God’s promises and less about people on Facebook. It is sad that even though many people think that the Bible is a Holy Book and the Wisdom contained in it is important, few people in America have ever actually READ it. They read a few verses here and there, but a verse or two doesn’t help your unbelief and it certainly doesn’t give you a strong foundation to stand on in your faith, if you have any.

God loves all of humanity but He doesn’t like the way we treat each other or the way that we worship creation or religions created by man instead of Him! Is He a jealous God? He said so in the Bible! How would you feel if your child called your friend or neighbor Dad or Mom rather than you and would do what they asked but would ignore your words entirely? If that would make you jealous and angry, we should be thankful that God doesn’t have the same ways of reacting that we do.

Consider this when you look at a church and think that many of their people don’t know God: Do you?

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