An ending and a new beginning

We come to the end of another year. One that has been fraught with so much pain and suffering on the part of police and race relations. Also, many have died for useless reasons which did not have to happen. I pray that the next year will be a bit more tolerable in relations with others, with our police and with other nations.

God knows what is happening and He is in charge, yet the forces of Satan are influencing much of what we see and hear on our planet that is so frustrating because of its cruelty. Yes, it is being done by humans, but those are being influenced by anti-Christian forces such as Satanic spiritual forces. These forces, spiritual in nature, are around us whether you believe in them or not. Frankly, I am glad that I can’t see them because the violence and hatred which they encourage in us toward other people is unpleasant enough.

Yes, we are coming to the end of one more year and the start of a “new” year, but the problems which we all face everyday don’t change. The problems which we had last week or yesterday will still be here after midnight tonight. They don’t magically go away just because the date changes.

That is why we need to rely on God and His strength to get us through the most challenging times. We can push through on our own, but things work out so much better when He is guiding your steps and giving you the wisdom to get through life’s challenges. God loves us and He does want the best for us, no matter what, if we will follow Him and seek out His way of cultivating a relationship.

The reason I put “His way” in that last sentence is because we tend to place our ideas of God in the way of our relationship with Him. We tend to see Him in our “mind’s eye” as being like us with our faults and problems and yet we imagine that vision or idea as God. What is wrong with that? Everything! Because God is SO MUCH MORE!

He is more compassionate and understanding than we can be. He is our Creator and, if you are a Christian He is our Savior! His ways are not our ways because He doesn’t have the prejudices which we have, nor does He bring baggage into the relationship with us. Why is this true? Because, He lives outside of our time and He put us together in the womb. He knows us better than we will ever know ourselves and He knows how we think and how we can be an asset in His Kingdom.

Give your heart and life to God and let Him show you how great your next year can be!

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