Decision time

We have a decision to make. I am not talking about the election, but about Who you will choose to follow. It seems that many people are getting fed up with the church today. In some ways I can understand why, but if you have ever heard a good sermon in church why would you decide that being a Christian is not right for you?

I know most of the excuses which people give and all of them are wrong in one way or another. I mean, all churches are full of hypocrites because at one time or another ALL of us were sinners and still are, the only difference is that when we gave our hearts to Jesus our past was forgiven. Some people don’t like church because it’s too stuffy because in some churches there may be a dress code or it may look like it at least.

There are all sorts of reasons which people come up with for not attending church services. Some of them involve money and fear of being required to give a tithe every week. All of these are valid reasons or excuses for not attending church, but if you think about the length and the depth of God’s love for you…why would you refuse? I mean, God sent His Son, Jesus, to become fully human and have the nature of God so that we could be forgiven because of His sacrifice for ALL of the human race!

This was not an easy decision for God to ask this of Jesus His Son, but they both knew that it had to be done this way and no other sacrifice would do.

Your decision whether to follow Jesus is your decision, there is no pastor who will try to force anyone to join a church or to accept Jesus. It is a personal decision and one which only you can make when you feel the Spirit moving you toward Him. Pay attention to the Bible and the teachers who preach from it. Test their message against God’s Word and make sure that they agree with one another. If they do not, then get away from that church and that pastor!

If you are feeling the call of the Holy Spirit or maybe being convicted by Him about something that you are doing, then you do need to repent and come to Jesus. When the Spirit is moving you, don’t ignore it. If you do and you walk away, it is possible that you may never be convicted enough to come to Jesus again. God only strives with us for so long, ignoring His call is a bad decision. God loves all of us and desires to have a relationship with us, but if you refuse and walk away…well, your eternity will be very different from what it could have been.

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