The third part of the year or ….

We are in a part of the year which is just before the election cycle for this year. If you haven’t made up your mind which candidate you will choose, you don’t have much time. The decision that we all have to make in this election will be an important one, make sure that you pray about it for many days before making your final decision.

We are in a particularly troubling time for our world and for our country. Because of the load of debt that our country has and because of the time in which we are living. Many people don’t see it that way especially if they don’t believe the Bible is true, but I happen to believe it. We may not be in the time period known as the Tribulation, but we are on the very edge of it, at least from all of the signs that we see and hear every day.

The weather is unpredictable in ways that haven’t been seen before. The amount of diseases and problems that are in the world just seems to be growing in number and intensity. We are about to move into the “Fall of the year”, even though it may not cool off for another couple of months and our planet’s history is moving toward the winter of its time.

It is true that some will not believe what I am saying, but if you open your mind and read some of the prophecies in the Bible then you will see much of what is going on around us was foretold in detail at least two thousand years ago. It should not be ignored, regardless of your beliefs, that the signs which are spoken of in the Bible can almost be read like a newspaper today. Much of what was foretold is coming true and has come true in the last fifty years.

I urge you to consider giving your heart to Jesus, if you have not done so yet. Truly, the state of our nation and the world itself cannot be fixed by a person or a candidate or a policy, except by Jesus and His return to this world there will be no lasting solution. Jesus said that if you gained the world, meaning the riches of the whole world, but you lose your soul by not accepting Him as your Savior then you gained nothing. Why do I say this? Jesus said it first.

Nothing that we gain in this life will follow you into the next one, no matter how much you may have. You have never seen a trailer following a hearse to the graveyard and even if they did, it would only be to bury the contents in the ground. You can’t take it with you and, if you are like me, I don’t have enough for anyone to fight over. The only real blessing and inheritance that I can give away that will mean anything in eternity is for you to come to know Jesus and give your life to Him.

If you do that, then you will be spending eternity with me and many others who are part of the “body of Christ”, and we will be ruling His Kingdom with Him! Don’t believe the people who say that we will be strumming harps for eternity, although I might want to learn, that is not my job, nor will it be your job in God’s Kingdom. I don’t know what He may have me doing, but I am sure that He will equip me to do whatever it may be.


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