Why all of the violence?

We see it and hear about it on the news every day. It is in the movies and TV shows. So why are we so enthralled with violent games and TV shows? Honestly…I don’t know. I don’t understand the love of violence, but it has been in our culture for a very long time it seems. We have had many wars in the past and if you go back just for the lifetime of America, we have been involved in many.

So, why can’t we just get along? Is it pride or arrogance that keeps us from having peace? Is it our religious differences between cultures which causes most of this madness? Is there a solution to all of the killing and violence?

All of those questions are valid and the answer to some of them is yes we can get along, yes it is pride and arrogance that causes some, if not all, of the divisions in the world. The religious differences have been around for many hundreds of years and in some cases it really is our problems with tolerance that causes our hatred and violence between people of different faiths. The solution to these problems is not one which will be accepted by all though. There are three faiths which center around God in the world and they have a lot of cultural baggage between them. Radical beliefs which polarize them because of a minority claiming them as beliefs which they want to force upon most, if not all, of the world.

It has been this way for many years. A minority that holds radical views of their religion which doesn’t reflect the beliefs of the majority but they get noticed because of their attacks on others and their voices are usually the loudest too. Even Christianity has some radical congregations or groups which teach views which most Christians look on as not representing the church at all. The solution to our violent problem will not come from us though, it will come from Jesus Himself.

There has to be a change in the way that we live our lives and how we serve others and the church. That change has to begin within each of us first. Speeches don’t do it, revivals which last for a day or two won’t get it done. If the change is not brought into each person’s heart by Jesus and a commitment to Him then there will be no possibility of change which will last. Talking about it won’t help, listening to tapes won’t help but the Holy Spirit can change each of us from the inside out.

Seek Him out while He may be found.

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