Cracks and pieces missing

Have you ever noticed, maybe in a museum or in a cupboard, that with time some pottery or china will have little cracks or pieces missing? Is your life today feeling a little cracked with pieces missing or gone? Did you know that God can fix that? Yes, He may have allowed the cracks to happen, but it is because He is trying to get your Spirit and your faith to expand so you can do more and endure more. Life is in itself a work in progress, just as pottery and other artistic endeavors are also. We as humans live and breathe as a work in progress from the day that we are born until we die. Life is never the exact same from day-to-day, yet we look at it as if it is.

We see our lives as a continual struggle of sleep, waking hours, eating and then sleep again. Simplistic though it is, it is true isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what type of job you have or where you work, which falls under the waking hours, the rest of the day usually falls in the time of eating food or sleeping with a little TV thrown in to dull the day down before going to sleep.

My representation of life in those four areas is simple, but if you think about it then it is the truth. Getting back to our title about cracks and missing pieces, where do they come from? Some come from our own existence, some of the cracks are there because God put them there so you would depend upon Him more, the missing pieces are those parts of yourself that seem to get lost. Some of them are lost when a loved one dies or when some tragedy occurs in your life or in a close friend’s life. They are not totally lost, it just feels that way. That part of you may have fractured into many thousands of pieces and it feels like it is gone, but God can put the pieces back together again.

Sometimes we can feel the cracks and fractures in our life, but think of it in this way: God may be using this trouble and the problems which we feel through it to cause a change in us. The judgement that came against Israel in times past was specifically for the cause of bringing them back to God…to relying on God every day! Captivity in Babylon, slavery in Egypt, slavery through other people in the Old Testament like the Assyrians, each of these was designed and used by God to get God’s people to turn BACK to God! Trouble in this life is there for a reason, specifically to refine us into better and more dedicated people in God’s service.

God loves us deeply, far more deeply than we can understand with our limited minds. In reference to the cracks and chastisement that we may go through, think of it like a weight lifter beginning to lift weights. At first you are very sore, so sore in fact that you can barely lift the bar without weight on it. Then, as those muscle fibers grow and repair the damage of lifting weights, they become stronger and you have to add more weight. You tear and work the muscle tissue so that it will grow and become stronger, that is what these trying times in your life are and God uses them to make you and your faith stronger!

Life everywhere is hard and trying to an extent, depending upon where you live. Seek God and His Wisdom from the Bible, not just one or two verses from it but the whole Bible. He can guide you and give you wisdom and strength to make it through the most tough and trying times in your life. He helped to get Job through his trying times, He helped the Jews get through their slavery and back into their homeland, He helped those who were scattered all over the world to come back to their homeland after WWII. God will help you too IF you will seek Him out and follow Him daily! Time grows short, don’t wait.

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