Are you following the right one?

There are many ways in today’s world to find your way in the world, but are you on the right path? Are you followBelievetheBesting the right One? The world itself is split into many different camps. Some are following their own ways, some are following Christianity, some aren’t following any “religion” at all, some are following man-made religions. It seems that confusion should be the norm in the world and it is indeed happening in many places. Why? For thousands of years, mankind has followed his own path in regard to whether to worship a god or create their own. Some even chose to follow the one, true God.

So, what should we do today? The road is easy and wide when you are following a god created by man or even when you aren’t following anyone but your own ideas. That is the reason that many people follow that path, because it isn’t hard and you don’t really have to give up much to go on that pathway. Some people have told me that you are forbidden so much in following God and Jesus until they just decided not to follow anyone at all. That is not true at all.

It is true that many of the rules in the Old Testament do forbid many things regarding the enjoyment of life’s riches, but the new covenant that was brought about by Jesus doesn’t follow those old rules. It doesn’t do away with them, but your salvation is in Jesus and not in following rules that you can’t keep anyway! Those rules were put there to show the people that they needed a Savior and couldn’t be righteous by keeping rules because unless you are perfect in obedience you can’t do it! Jesus did it because He is the Son of God and did not have the nature of Adam to trip Him up.

We are saved by His grace that poured down from Heaven through the blood of Jesus to us and it paid the price for ALL of our sins! It is a free gift that we only have to accept through faith in Jesus. He did it all so that we could be His feet and hands to take the message, the gospel to the world until He comes again.

Those other gods and paths that some follow may be fun for a while, but where will you spend eternity? I know some of you don’t believe in it but what if I am right about it? You will stand in judgement by God after your last breath here. Are you perfect and sinless, holy in all of your ways?

Think about it now while there is time.

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