Love others as He loved us

The video above was shared with me on Facebook. It is sobering and it steps on “church people’s” toes and it should! Because if we can’t show Jesus to someone else, then how do we know if we actually have Him in our hearts? How can we be sure if we are true to our calling and our Savior if we can’t at least be like Him? He didn’t pre-judge people. He had dinner with those who were considered sinners, prostitutes and tax-collectors. He LOVED them! This is what we are supposed to do, as Christians, we are supposed to reflect Him to others and be as much like Him as we can in our lives, not just at church! He loved us while we were yet sinners, before all of us were born and yet He loved us anyway.

We have to be more like Him every day because if we aren’t then we may not have Him in our spirit, our spiritual heart, to begin with! Consider this, think about it, read your Bible, see what and who Jesus really preached and taught every day. It wasn’t just His disciples, it was everyday people…sinners just like you and me. The only difference between them and Jesus was that He was perfect and holy, we are not but we are still supposed to reflect Him to the world. If we can’t do that every day then are you a Christian? Really?

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