Technology and Christianity

Some people say that the two of those don’t go together, but I believe that they are wrong. We are supposed to use any technology at our disposal to get God’s Truth out to those who are in need of hearing it. Some churches use too much technology in my opinion, but if it gets the younger generation to hear the Word of God and to learn about Jesus in a manner that honors and gives the Glory to Him then I am all for it. Many people today aren’t really sure of what they believe or even if they believe in anything at all. Some just claim that they don’t believe in any “higher power”, which is fine for them. We do live in America and are free to say or believe whatever we choose to, and today it doesn’t matter who it offends, especially Christians. Nobody offends Muslims because it is a religion of peace, meaning they will hack you to pieces if you do offend their religion or their Prophet.

It seems that everyone loves to offend Christians, although I don’t understand why? But, that is a discussion for another day. Technology is being used and can be used by anyone to promote anything today and it is used that way. Technology is not a bad thing, just as money isn’t a bad thing, but it is a bad thing when you allow the “thing” to take a place in your life or your heart that it has no business in, that is where the trouble starts. From that point, it only gets worse as time goes along.

Most people don’t think of things as being idols, but we do it all of the time. You see it at football games and basketball games, actually you see wherever ANY sport is played or watched in person or on TV. I have heard this and you have too, “People will get excited and scream until they have no voice at all when their team is playing, whether they are winning or losing, but when they get to church on Sunday if they come at all you barely know that they are there.”; I know I put quotes around it but I don’t remember who said it, I have heard it in many churches during a season of one kind or another, hunting and fishing included.

We don’t get excited about our Creator or our Savior, but I suppose its because we don’t see Him behind the scenes taking care of someone with cancer or helping a relative handle the stress of losing their spouse of sixty years. We don’t see the strength that the Lord gives to children battling cancer in the hospitals, yet many of those kids see Jesus and His angels at work around them because He allows it to give them hope. God’s technology is far above ours and it is at work all the time, we just can’t see it. But, that doesn’t mean that He isn’t there. We just don’t have the spiritual eyes to see Him. If He allowed you to see all of the angels that protect you every day, it really would give you stronger faith and hope as well. Just as Gehazi was so frightened with the army surrounding them until the Lord let him see that the number of angels that were camped around them far outnumbered the army in the camp.

Technology and Christianity go together very well, as long as we remember Who is really in control!

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