Satan hates us

Have you ever wondered why he hates us? I used to, until I started really studying the Bible. He hates us because we are made in God’s image. He was kicked out of Heaven because he rebelled against God, so anything that God loves, he hates. But, that isn’t the only reason…God created man, Adam, from the earth, from mud and then gave him something that no angel has…an eternal soul! Angels are spiritual beings and therefore are immortal, but they can’t have a relationship with God like we can. Our relationship is on a deeper level and it is one that angels don’t have access to, and that is another reason that we are hated by Satan.

Love is another reason. God loves us, his creation, not just because we are but because we are made in His image. He loves us in a deeper way because of our image of Him inside each of us. God loves all of His creation, the Earth, the animals, humanity, and the angels too, but humanity holds a special place that we can’t understand fully until we are in His presence. When Lucifer rebelled against God’s authority and wanted to place his throne on the mountain of God, it likely broke God’s heart.

Why would it cause God pain? Because, until man was created, Lucifer was the most perfect of His creation in the angelic race of beings! Giving humanity and angels alike the choice or the ability to choose to serve Him, to love Him, was a risky thing to do but it was also the right thing to do. Because service and love cannot be forced or required to be genuine and true, they must be given from one being to another. It also cannot be earned, but given as in a gift of service or the gift of love to one another.

Love is the reason that God does anything that He does. He created us because of love, His love for us, His love of Creation itself. He created the angels for all of these things too, but Satan (Lucifer) wanted more and did not want to serve God. He wanted to be worshipped and that was and is not his place. Satan is not omnipotent nor is he omniscient, God is.

God sent His Son, Jesus (Yeshua), to the Earth to provide a way for all of us to be saved from the punishment for our sins. He did that on Calvary when He chose to give His life for ALL of us, not just a select few. Yes, there will be many who will choose not to know Him because they are stubborn or because they think that they can’t be saved. If you will believe in Jesus and His path for salvation for you, it doesn’t matter what you have done, you will be saved. The prayer of a sinner who is repentant of his sins will always be answered, even if it is on a cross or on his death-bed. It doesn’t matter if you have time to be baptized or not, if you repent of your sins and ask for Jesus to save you then you will be saved.

God’s creation, from the farthest stars and galaxies to the smallest of atoms, groans in anticipation for the day that all will be made right again. One day, it will happen. For some, it will be a great day of reunion with family and friends. For others, it will be a day of judgement and pain. The greatest pain will be that you had a chance to accept Jesus in this life and you chose to throw it away because of stubbornness and pride. Please, reconsider and seek Him out while there is still time to do so.

2 thoughts on “Satan hates us

  1. Knowing that God created us out of love is a great reason for us to to seek HIM so as to get to know HIM More and More. The path is however not smooth and we shall always need to rely on Jesus who is our light which gives us direction and protection. He is also our leaving bread which gives us sustenance and strength to go through life

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