We NEED a True Revival in the Church!

RevivalcrossI am not talking of a specific church, I am talking here about the whole Church! The entirety of believers all over the world, regardless of denomination! Why am I saying it so emphatically? Because the church has become lax and lazy in its gospel message and because, even in the church itself, there is too much division and quarrelling about things which are not part of the message that we are supposed to be telling people about!

We are called to be the Church and Christians for the simple reason that we are supposed to be the image and reflection of Christ, as well as His hands and feet in a world which is in desperate need of His message. Why have we become so apathetic in our delivery of the gospel? Unless it is because of Satan infiltrating our churches and the people in them, I am not sure. Can he do such a thing? Yes, he is perfectly able to do it and if we allow it by something which we do or say, there isn’t much we can do against him until we realize that he is influencing our lives.

I know that much of the world really doesn’t want to hear our message, especially since it refers to Jesus as the Christ and the One that we should be following, but that was and is His command for us to do! Why exactly is the world so enamored with other religions or even with themselves?

It is because of the influence of Satan in the world and all of his demons and powers and principalities. They have had plenty of time to influence the world and become so good at it that they are seen as the gods that are worshipped. Even in some “churches”, their influence is so complete that people reading and preaching from their bibles which have been re-written think that they are worshipping God.

They are worshipping a version of God, but not the God, the Creator, the Triune God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! People all over the world have been misled by spirits, demons, and Satan himself, since he and all of his fallen angels can pose as “ministers of light”, they can appear from the outside to be an angel of God.

We are on the edge of a trying period in time, one that is not going to be easy to live with or through. Christians need to revive their faith and come near to God, humble yourselves and pray, read and get to know Jesus in a more deep and intimate way through His Word. We must do this before it is too late. Seek Him, trust in Him, get to know Him and that Him is Jesus!

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