So much to do….

Yes, there is a LOT to do before the end of the year. Even before the celebration of our Lord’s birthday (although it isn’t in December), there are many things which need to be done. Where do you start? Many people right now are in the malls or in certain stores picking up gifts to give to their loved ones, big and small, older and younger, but what about your faith? Where does that fit in with all of this? Have many of you even considered the true Reason for this season, not the pagan festival which was co-opted by the early church but the Person that this is supposed to be pointing our hearts toward?

Living your life all through the year, waiting for the time when you get stuff just for being here? What for? There has to be a reason and a purpose to our lives and the things which we get on our birthdays or at Christmas are not good enough to qualify as a reason to live from one December to the next! It seems that commercialism is the mainstay of American culture…the more we have, the more we want and many of us want it NOW!! So what are we to do? How much should you spend on all of this stuff?

Do you really want me to tell you? The amount needed for true, eternal joy and eternal life is….nothing. That is right, we can’t do or spend or add to anything in order for each of us to have eternity because it has already been paid for in full! All that we have to do, if we want eternal joy and life is come to Jesus and repent of our sins and ask Him to come into our lives and make us new creations by His power, the biggest hurdle we have to cross in this is….belief! Child-like belief, the kind where we know without a doubt that He did it for us and we believe it, period. No amount of searching for other proofs or justification because He justifies us through Himself and the proof is in God’s Word.

There is no other proof that we need. True, many people don’t believe that the Bible is true but that is because they don’t have spiritual faith to believe in the Word and the Truth contained in it. As one teacher said, “it takes far more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in God’s creation”, and that is true. Accidents and possibilities aren’t proven to create anything, after all it is the “theory of evolution”, it is not a proven fact and can’t be proven because of the time that it takes. Yes, I am going to get some folks hot under their collars but I still challenge them to find an honest and true fossil of something which is changing into another form of life. It hasn’t been done in the few hundred years that scientists have been looking and I don’t believe that it will happen before Jesus comes again, then you can just ask Him!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful holiday and be safe. Attend a church service where they are celebrating the birth of Jesus this weekend with an open mind. Seek Him because He does exist and He loves you more than you can believe.

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