Help, we need, our Father can give it

There is a picture that I found on Facebook that needs to be here and here it is:

What about this picture is beautiful? Everything. The sun for the day, the warmth from the sun which God placed there just for us, the woman who isGivemePeace praying, these are all beautiful creations and all are part of the world that God created. We are the ones who make bad decisions, the ones who follow the wrong people or the wrong ideology, even the wrong teaching from a pastor who is deluded into thinking that he has the best way of saving people or whatever.

Thinking more of yourself than you ought to will only cause a greater fall one day. Considering your own thoughts and words to mean more than God’s Word will truly condemn you. Yes, there are preachers who do this today, but hopefully their followers are not very vocal.

God loves each one of us, every day, whether we love ourselves or our circumstances or not. Give thanks to God in all circumstances, regardless of the pain or the sorrow because this life is temporary and so are the problems contained in it. He loves you and will provide the strength and the comfort to bring you through whatever you find yourself in. What can we do that will make a difference in other people’s lives? For one, live your life as close to Jesus as you can if you are a Christian, then others will see Him through your life. If you don’t believe in God or Jesus, then you need to be seeking Him. He cares about you and loves you as His child, as His creation, all that He is waiting for is for you to come to Him.


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