Crossroad for hypocrites

“Thus says the LORD:
‘Stand at the crossroads, and look,
and ask for the ancient paths,
where the good way lies: and
walk in it, and find rest for your souls.’” Jeremiah 6:16-17

We are at a crossroad where our community meets and goes separate ways and yet also comes together as friends and family. God meets us here and in our everyday life at whatever crossroad we each happen to be on, whether we are starting out our life in school or college or maybe a new career. God is always there with us at the crossroads of our life and our faith.

What can we do when we get there?

a. we can choose to follow Him, whichever way that He leads us to go.
b. we can turn in a different direction and decide not to follow His lead right now.
c. we can turn back and leave Him at the crossroad and possibly miss out on something wonderful.

Crossroads in life lead us in directions that we may want to go in or they can lead us to something which may not be the best for us. It is our choice and God gives us each a choice so that we can make it, whether it is the choice which He wants us to make or if it is ours which may lead us down a long road which we will regret taking.

Our choices, good or bad, define us in this life. Whatever those choices may be, we should consult the One Who knows the end from the beginning because ultimately, He knows which choice is best for you.

As people do, we tend toward thinking that we know better than God what is best for us and we make our choices based on our own limited thinking. But, our thinking about us and about others is usually what gets us in trouble. We think that someone is too big or too “this or that”, we don’t agree with the way they dress or their ideology or which belief or non-belief that they might have. Isn’t that what makes us human? We all make mistakes in one way or another and nobody is perfect, but God wants to know us just the way that we are. Whether we are wearing pajamas or blue jeans or a three-piece suit or if we have sandals or beach shoes or the most expensive shoes in the world, God wants you as you are. He doesn’t need your money, just your fellowship and your love because He provided the way for you to have eternal life. All that you have to do to get it is to accept it in faith and believe that He really did it for you, that’s all.

God did this through His Son, Jesus, the name which causes all others to cringe in the world because of His name. God is not so bad it seems, but when you bring Jesus into a discussion then you have committed the ultimate jab at other religions and non-religious people. Why is that? Is it so bad that He gave His life so that you could have eternal life? What makes you so special that you think that you can get into Heaven without the forgiveness found only in Jesus’ sacrifice for you? It doesn’t matter what you have done in this life, no sin will put you into hell except the sin of refusal, refusing to accept the grace offered through Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf. By rejecting Him, that is what puts your eternity in line with Satan and his demons simply because they rejected God and by rejecting Jesus you are on the same level as they are.

Yes, we have a choice and it is what we choose with that choice that defines us, now and into eternity as well.

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