Conviction, what is it?

I asked a question a few days ago about what is hell, now I am asking about conviction. What is it? I am not talking about being convicted of a crime such as in a court of law. I am talking about being convicted by the Holy Spirit. Have you ever felt that? Have you felt it during a sermon at a church? If you did, why didn’t you give your heart to Jesus and allow Him to come to live in your heart and your life?

Think about it. Conviction of doing something that is wrong or sinful brings you to the point of knowing that something needs to change and that something is your life-style. Give up drinking and smoking and having sex outside of a married relationship with a person of the opposite sex. Why am I being so specific about this? Because there are too many people who don’t think that this is important. Because there are too many people who don’t believe that the Bible is the Truth of God and the Word of God. If it isn’t the Truth, then I am mistaken and I am wrong.

But, what if the Bible is the Truth and the Words in it are True? If it is, then everything that I have said is just as true because I preach this every Sunday in church and I preach it from God’s Word, the Bible. Yes, it is true and it is God’s Word. There is no denying this, although many people do. So how can we possibly get past the conviction of the Holy Spirit?

We can’t, actually. If you have felt it or maybe are feeling it but don’t know what to do about it, here is a hint: Don’t turn away from it! God wants you for a reason, that is why you are feeling this conviction. If the Creator needs you, don’t run away from Him because you can’t. It doesn’t work. Jonah tried it, I tried it too but eventually God will manage to get your attention and get you back where He needs you to be.

Give your heart to Jesus and ask Him to show you how to live and what He wants from you and He will. The Lord is gracious and loves all of us, He will answer a prayer for wisdom and knowledge especially if you are wanting to do what He is calling you to do.

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