Reasoning out God’s existence

Is it possible to “reason” out God’s existence? Can we prove beyond a shadow of doubt that He exists so that those who aren’t believers will come to believe? Using the scientific method can we prove that God exists?

The answer to all of the above questions is NO! There is no particle that is God. There are no cells that can be found in the fossil record that belong to Him. You cannot command God to show Himself and prove that He is or that He exists! It is utter foolishness and pride that prompt people to even attempt this, but it is an argument that has been used for hundreds of years. Some people have had experiences where God did “prove Himself”, but they can’t be repeated and to a scientific mind it wasn’t proof of anything.

There have been cases of people arrogantly challenging God to “strike me dead” if such and such is not done or “strike the one who is causing the problem dead”. In such instances, the one challenging God did indeed die soon after such a statement, but it wasn’t with a bolt of lightning but some unusual natural cause that caused their demise. Just as in the time of the early church, when the couple that sold some land decided to keep some of the profit for themselves but told Peter that they were giving everything that they received for their land. Both the husband and the wife were in agreement in the deception and both died because of it, immediately.

You cannot reason out God’s existence any more than you can prove the existence of love or darkness. Neither one of those can be bottled and shown to anyone, yet we know that they exist. Although, darkness is not real in the sense of it being a state of matter, it is just the absence of light. The point is that God cannot be proved as a person as we are, because He is a Spirit. Yet, He is and always has been. Minds blinded by the world’s thinking and reasoning cannot comprehend subjects which exist outside of time and can only be experienced by faith.

Light can be seen and measured in a number of ways, but darkness is something which cannot be measured except as the absence of light. The more complete that the absence is, the more complete the darkness is, but you cannot touch it or feel it and there is no measurement for it except for a lumen measurement of the lack of light. God’s presence can only be felt by those who believe that He exists and is the Creator, because without faith in Him and the knowledge of His love you cannot comprehend His existence.

Satan is also a being which cannot be proven to exist as are the angels and demons, but they are all mentioned in the Bible as real. Not believing in them or their existence doesn’t remove them from the universe, it just continues the blindness that we have toward them until we either are changed in our hearts or until we have died to this existence and wake up to life on another plane. Standing before God’s throne to be judged for not believing in Jesus’ atonement for your sinful life will bring total clarity but by then it will be forever too late.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all of these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33  Seek the Lord while He can be found because after this life is over, there are no second chances.

4 thoughts on “Reasoning out God’s existence

  1. The evidence of the impotence or denial of the Christian god is that people speak for this god, yet we are told that this god is all powerful, intervenes in human affairs and wants to judge the world of men. The silence of this alleged god speaks volumes.

      1. That depends on how the individual defines Satan, if for that individual Satan is an idea, then it is only through the silence of action Satan is known.

      2. The idea of Satan and the actions which follow are what defines evil in all of humanity. Belief in Satan as a being is not necessary, yet he exists. One day, many will be able to tell that he exists. Decide for yourself which side you will follow, if not enjoy the ride.

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