No matter the time….

I have read some sermons from C.H. Spurgeon and John Edwards lately and today I was listening to a sermon given at a crusade of Rev. Billy Graham in 1985 and what I have noticed is that the urgency of the message and the conditions of the world have been the same as today in each instance! Whether it was twenty-nine years ago, over one hundred years ago or even two hundred years ago, the conditions of the world with wars, crime, adultery, drunkenness, and all other sins being rampant in its time period! We were taught that the world of George Washington was a more genteel one, but not according to John Edwards’ sermons, then one hundred years ago during Rev. Spurgeon’s time it was also claimed to be a more genteel and Victorian era. Not so.

During the middle of the eighties we know that the world was trying to get as much as possible whether it was money, power, or possessions and it seemed that nothing could slake the amount of greed and hatred that was present in our culture. Much of that has not changed in the last twenty-nine years and a good bit of it has gotten worse it seems. So, why is the message of Jesus not being taken up by the world? What is it that is keeping the Christian faith from making inroads into areas which have been evangelised for a long time?

The reason is told and foretold in the book of Revelation. The spirit of Antichrist is rampant in the world at large! I don’t mean that there is a demon doing all of this, although they are out there, but the spirit of unbelief is alive and well and that is the spirit of Antichrist! So, how can we get past it? Just keep doing the same thing that Jesus told us to do. Tell the world about the Good news of Jesus and the salvation through Him that is offered to all by the grace of God!

That is the message that we, as Christians, need to get out to the world. Whether you go and tell those in far off lands or just your family and those that you work with and those that you meet who will listen. Time is growing short, the time that is foretold is coming soon. I don’t know when, nobody knows except God, but Satan knows that his time is coming to a close so he is stepping up his attacks on Christians and Jews. Any who claim faith in God or in Jesus, regardless of their nationality, are enemies of Satan and he has hated humanity since the beginning!

All of the time that we have had and the percentage of people who claim to be true Christians who follow Jesus faithfully totals up to only one-quarter of the population of the Earth?! Satan and his demons and powers have been very busy during the past couple of thousand years and they still aren’t done! Can we make a dent in those that need Christ and His message? Not on our own power! We have to be walking in step with Jesus and allow Him to help us with our message and with getting it out to those who need it. The Holy Spirit will take the message that we get out into the world and make it work because “the word of God never returns to Him void”!!

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