A new beginning in the new year!

In the new year, we will all have wonderful days and some which are not so great. So, what are we to do about those days which are not so great? In many ways, we really can’t do much about those days which don’t go the way that we think it is supposed to.

Your daily life can be great but only if you are following the author of life Who is Jesus! Why does He have to be in your life for it to be great? Because you need Him! I know, there are many of you who are so independent and able to do anything that you don’t think that you need Jesus in your life, but…you do. Oh, we can make it through some tough times and taking our child to the doctor’s office is no big deal, we can even take ourselves to see the doctor once in a while. But, what happens when you or your spouse or your child gets really sick and the doctor gives you the “Sit down” look or speech?

What happens when you hear words like “There’s nothing that I can do” or “It has progressed too far”? Your independence from belief in God is going to go into hyper-space mode trying to get back to Him! Why? Because, at this point He is the only One Who can help! He can help and He will, but it may not be in the way that you are expecting. Sometimes God’s help seems to come too late or not at all and people wonder why.

Have you ever considered that your blessings in this life, including your family and your finances, may have been given to you temporarily so that the life you have after it is taken will be better and greater than before? Like Job, whom no Christian ever wants to emulate, people in this situation have two choices, curse God for taking your “stuff” which He gave you or to bless Him for being in control in the first place.

Our lives are supposed to be living testimonies to the world regardless of our situation in life and yet many don’t see it that way. Most of us seem to think that we were born to try to get as much as we can before we reach our expiration date, whenever that may be but…that is not why God put us here. It is very likely that is why this site doesn’t have many visitors on a daily or monthly basis, because I don’t “fluff up the truth”, I don’t cover things with flowery words and phrases. I give you the total, unvarnished message as it is given to me period.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with that statement but it is the truth. I have written some poems on this site and no one seems to notice. I have told a few stories and it seems that they aren’t good enough. I am ranting right now because that seems to be what gets people’s attention. The truth is that ….. Jesus is the only answer that you will ever need for your depression or your finances or your life! He is the only One that can help and make sure that you are a child of God.

He is not going to make your life rosy and rich, unless you were on the road to that already. Don’t give up on His blessings in your life but also don’t think for a minute that you and you alone were responsible for what you have because it is not true!

God gave you your talents and abilities and He gave them to you for a reason. That reason is to be a servant of His, not a slave as one who is dragged against his will and sold, but as one who has been bought with the precious blood of Jesus! Your sins were paid for with His blood and He wishes for you to tell others of the bondage that you were released from not a bondage that you were put into. I am a bond-slave of Christ, one who is willing to live for and serve my Master until the day when He comes back or He calls me home.

Give your life to Jesus and He will give His life, strength and purpose for living to you so that you can show it to others and bring them into the family too. 🙂

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