The Gift

Many people have tried and failed today,

Many have just turned and walked away.

Some could not care in the least, they

Are at home enjoying a feast!

Some only want what is yours and not their own,

It may be because their heart is a stone, but

When the day dawns and the Prince appears, then they will know

Why they see Him through tears.

They’ll know and they’ll cry because they know the reason,

Their tears are caused because they forgot Him during

This season.

They forgot or maybe didn’t want to remember,

The Babe who was likely born in September. Who

Came to be the deliverer of all, even though He came

When He was quite small.

His life didn’t last long but it was for many a reason,

Each one of us owes Him for our own reasons.

You see Christ came For you and for me, to give His life on an old

Rugged tree.

The reason is simple though understand it we cannot, because

He loves us all more than we ever could,

which is why He died on that old piece of wood.

But, He rose again and settled the debt on that day…a debt that none of us can ever repay.