God’s Word is a light in a dark world

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalms 119:105 KJV

In this world that all of us must walk in, it has become darker and more evil in the past few decades. Today it is getting darker because of the time that we are living in. It isn’t necessarily because of one religion or another. It is not because of a political party and their beliefs or even the laws that they pass. It is because the ruler of this world, Satan, knows that his time grows shorter by the day and he is moving and influencing mankind to do things that they would not do in years past. Many in our world don’t believe in God or the Devil and he likes it that way because if you don’t believe then you’ve already made your choice.

God’s light came into the world through the Word but also in the Person of Jesus Christ. He brought the Light of God’s grace and mercy to the world and his disciples wrote of the things which He did and the things that He taught. We have these words and wisdom available to us today in the Bible yet many people in our government don’t care about God’s Word or any wisdom which comes from it. They have turned away from it and they do not walk in His Light.

The church…the people who truly believe God’s Word and in His Son, Jesus, needs to be taking God’s Wisdom to their workplace and into the restaurant and into the street so that others can learn of His grace and mercy. Many people don’t attend church services anymore because this disease called COVID gave then an excuse not to. Many have not come back to church even when there is a vaccine for it. Even if they have been vaccinated, some haven’t come back. Satan is using this to keep the church as empty as possible and in the time that we live in it is not unexpected. God foretold this.

There will be a falling away in the church. In two decades since America was attacked, many have moved away from their faith in God and as society moves away from God, the future of that society will be less of a blessing to the world because we have despised our Creator and our God. We have strayed from His Wisdom and His Light and we are walking in darker and darker places. There is a reason that the West is not mentioned in the book of Revelation and this is likely the reason.

I pray that anyone who listens to or reads this will seek Jesus as their Savior while there is time to do so. In His Service