The path to eternity

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I heard messages from preachers on TV and in church but I couldn’t believe that it was true. At that time…I didn’t believe the Bible was God’s Word and even if it was, it was just some old book to me at the time. I wasn’t going to allow this “book” to dictate my life for me. I was in the same shape in reference to faith in Anyone, such as God or Jesus. I knew about them intellectually but belief in Jesus to save my soul was something that I didn’t think I needed at the time. I was believing a lie from Satan himself.

So much of the world today is following along with that lie but they don’t know or believe that it is a lie. It seems to be the truth because every media outlet is saying that it is the truth. Our belief in Jesus should give us a confident conviction that He is Who the Bible said He is, He will do what He promised to do, and upon placing my trust in Him, I will enter into a personal, eternal relationship with the Son of God.

Jesus told His disciples in the Bible that the world is following a path that is very broad. It looks great and it is smooth to walk on, most of the time, and it is easy to follow because there are many people on it. But…the broad road eventually leads to spiritual death and an eternity in hell. Then you have a pathway that follows a rough and rocky path, not a road, that leads to salvation in Jesus Christ. It isn’t easy to follow, especially at the very beginning. Why is that? Because we are just beginning the journey and it takes some time to learn how to navigate the pathway. It takes time and it is something that we must read God’s Word in order to know how to do.

That pathway becomes easier as you navigate it if you have read the guidebook, the Bible. The broad road is easy from the beginning and many people don’t seek to know Jesus well enough to walk on the pathway and not on the road. They know about Jesus and they’ve heard many messages about Him but they have never given their heart to Him and allowed Him to change their heart to become more like Him. Most of them have been members of a church for years but they have never asked Jesus into their lives and their hearts to save their souls from hell.

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