A life-changing decision

Describe a decision you made in the past that helped you learn or grow.

There are many decisions that I have made over the course of my life that helped me learn and grow. The first was when I joined the Air Force back in 1980. I gained confidence in myself and learned many things that are not taught in school. Then I became an EMT for a number of years and I learned a lot about how people treat each other in various situations. I’m not going to go over all of my life and the decisions that I made but the one that had the most impact was when my son was born and my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I knew I couldn’t raise him without having a true moral center in my life and God agreed with me. He called me to be His and I hope I’ve been pretty good at following Him. Like everyone else I have stumbled many times but He has always been there to help me get back on the right path with Him.

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