Resurrection morning…

Sunday, the first day of the week for Jewish people, was when He stepped out of the tomb. The Roman soldiers couldn’t keep Him in the grave, death couldn’t hold Him and, decay had no way to touch Him. Why do some people want to believe He did not come out of the tomb? Some in the world say that this was just made up. He didn’t come out of the grave. If He didn’t, we have no reason to believe in Him. The disciples professed their faith in His resurrection, and most died because of their faith in Him. They wouldn’t have been killed for a lie. 

Jesus told them many times that He would rise after three days and He did. He also told them that He would come again to take them and His church to be with Him in heaven and that is the hope that we live by today. If you believe in Him for your salvation then your heart has been changed because, without a change in your heart, there is no regeneration of your spirit to be saved. Knowledge of Jesus and everything that He said and did for us is not enough to save you. Salvation is by the grace of God and by your sincere belief in His love for you through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus to atone for your sins and mine. 

It is your child-like faith and your belief in His atonement for you that brings salvation to your soul. When God’s Spirit brings your heart to know that you truly need Him as your salvation then you come to know Him as your Savior. It is not by our decision or our idea that we need it but it is by the Spirit that our hearts are broken and we realize that we need Him for our salvation. Without His Spirit touching our lives to let us know that we need Him, we wouldn’t seek Him to be our Savior.

God is still moving today and He is the One Who brings the knowledge of our need for Him to us at the proper time. It is only by His touch and His calling that we come to know Him as our Savior. He calls us to be His. Don’t ignore His call when you hear it and feel it.

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