What is happening?

All of the disasters and problems that are happening around the world. They are stressful for many people, especially for those directly involved. Diseases, severe weather, wars, drought, what is going on? This has all been foretold in God’s Word.

We are in the End Times. The Tribulation won’t start until the church is taken up to be with the Lord but the “birth pains” leading up to that time are happening now. That is what we are going through today and every day until He comes for us. God has a plan for all of creation and one day soon it will unfold for the entire world to see and know. Some will realize exactly what is happening and some will make up all sorts of stories to explain it except what has been prophesied in the Bible.

Everything we are going through now is part of the “pains” that will bring more people to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Why does it work this way? Because suffering is what makes our faith grow. The world itself is suffering, nature and everything in it, because of mankind’s resistance to living by God’s rules. One day very soon He will make all things new again. It won’t be “soon” as we define it but it will be in His time. 

I pray that everyone who has heard or read any sermon or even part of the Bible will seek Jesus to be their Lord and Savior because spending eternity away from your Creator and your Savior is a fate that is only reserved for Satan and his demons.

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