Do you believe?

Jesus is the Messiah and the only way you can be saved from an eternity in hell. If you don’t believe this, please read the gospel of John and the book of Romans.

God loves you!

God loves the whole world and the people in it but He doesn’t like the sinful lives that most of us lead. I was a sinner and I still am but I’m a sinner that has been forgiven. When you feel the Holy Spirit convicting you of your need for a Savior then you need to seek Him out to be your Savior. God knows who will accept this calling and who will not but it is up to you to answer His call on your life. Some of us answer it the first time it happens and some of us put it off until a later time. The point of His call on your life is that you will answer it one day.

It is not a call that you can turn completely away from. Some people claim to have pushed Him away and some claim that they have accepted Him as their Savior. But their claim of pushing Him away or accepting Him is proven by their life and the spiritual fruit or the lack of it in their life. When you have truly accepted Jesus as your Savior and your heart is changed by the Holy Spirit, you cannot keep it to yourself. At some point after accepting Him, your life will prove it with a radical change in your character and with the fruit of the Spirit that is dwelling in you.

What about those people who “think” they are saved? They believe that they have accepted Him as their Savior…but their life doesn’t show it. It’s like saying you are a millionaire but your bank account doesn’t show it…it’s just wishful thinking. You can borrow enough money to convince people that you have it but sooner or later the bill will come due! Salvation may be like that to you but when the bill does come due in eternity your wishful thinking about accepting Jesus when you didn’t won’t matter. God knows your heart. He can see beyond your shell and He knows.

Don’t make that mistake in this life because it is only in this life that you can make the choice of choosing Jesus as your Savior. There is no second chance after you die! Even the thief on the cross next to Jesus knew that He had to get it right before his last breath and he did.

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