Where can I find the Truth?

You can’t find it in the disciplines of man or in any religion. The Truth is only found in God’s Word. God’s Word is the Truth and the Truth is found in Jesus Christ. He is the Truth, the Life, and the Way to get to Heaven. Without Him, you can’t get in the gate. Many people in the world today do not want to hear this truth and we don’t want to live by the Truth of Jesus Christ. If you are doing this don’t expect to be taken up when the trumpet sounds one day.

Seeking the Truth in God’s Word and living by that Truth every day, not just on the days that you worship. Every day! Thank Him for waking you up today. Ask Him to help you to walk in His ways today. Pray to Him for His blessing on your food and for your work. Seek Him during the day and on the way home from work. Being curious about Jesus and salvation does nothing to save your soul. But asking Jesus to come into your life and your heart will bring you into eternity with Him.

God knows your heart and your life. He knows exactly what you have done and when you did it. You cannot hide your sins from Him. If God has a plan for your life as a servant of His you will come to know Jesus soon. Don’t turn away from the call on your life when you feel it because you don’t know how much longer you will have to make this decision. I pray that you will soon make this choice.

Photo by Nikolett Emmert on Pexels.com

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