The End of the age

Have we come to the end of the age? All of the prophetic indicators are pointing to it, but few people seem to be noticing it as such. It is “climate change”, it is “global warming”, it is “the pandemic”, and it just seems to get different names from week to week. This was foretold in the Bible long before Jesus was born and by Him as well. The “end of the age” would be characterized by the same conditions and problems that happened before the flood that Noah and his family witnessed. Granted, they didn’t have pollution and I doubt they had more people than the world could support but the things that were going on were very similar to what is happening today.

Does this mean that Jesus is coming soon? Yes and no…actually. He is coming soon but we don’t know how soon. It could be in a few months or weeks or possibly years but He is likely to come in our lifetimes. Am I trying to bring doom and gloom to this site? No, I’m not. I’m just pointing out that we don’t have hundreds of years or many lifetimes before things really get bad in the world around us. I’m not speaking of global warming, I’m speaking here of the times of Tribulation that are coming. During that time people will do whatever they wish to do and it will be okay. That is beginning to happen in some places today but it will grow much worse.

The church or at least those who fully believe in Jesus as their Savior will be taken up just as Noah was taken up above the flood during his time. The world that we see today will devolve into true anarchy and essentially “hell on Earth” during the seven years that constitute the Tribulation. I pray that anyone who reads this will seek Jesus as their Savior so they can escape this time.

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