What time is it?

It is the time that has come. We are at the very beginning of those “troubles” that Jesus spoke about with His disciples. The rapture or taking away of the church hasn’t happened yet but it isn’t very far away. I pray that everyone who has read or is reading this blog will give their heart to Jesus soon. If you have done so…GREAT!! If you haven’t or maybe you are still thinking about it, don’t put it off very long. None of us knows when our day is up and when that day comes you’d better be ready because there is no second chance after you die.

Our lives are pitifully short compared to eternity but most people seem to want to live forever these days, which is good if you are doing it the right way by believing in Jesus as your Savior. If you think that your righteousness can get you into heaven you are sadly mistaken. Nothing that we do while we are alive unless it is for His Kingdom, is good enough to carry over into Heaven. Unless we have given our hearts to Jesus and are living for Him and working for Him in this life in some fashion nothing that we do will bring us any reward in Heaven or even get us into Heaven.

Our righteousness is as filthy rags” and our righteousness will not avail us one step inside the gates of Heaven. The self-righteous will never see Heaven because they considered themselves able to attain it on their own. Jesus said “without Me, you can do nothing” because He is the true vine and we are only branches.

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