We’re all broken…

In some way this is true. Some people are more broken than others and some may not realize that they are broken even a little bit. Life tends to do this to us in one way or another. It may start out as a small crack when we are bullied in school or maybe someone close to you dies for one reason or another. Then, later that crack gets a bit wider and a part of us feels broken, like it may never heal.

Brokenness in today’s society is accepted to a certain extent. We are usually surprised if we find someone who has not had an issue in their life that left a scar or a crack. So…why is that? It began about sixty years ago (actually it has been 59 years this year). The year that John F. Kennedy was killed and a great writer died, C.S. Lewis. They died on the same day actually but one died of natural causes and the other was killed by an assassin.

Their deaths left a crack in the world I believe and it is one that hasn’t really been fixed. It is likely that it will never be in my lifetime. In America, JFK’s death caused a ripple effect that has lasted until now. The hope and youthful exuberance of his Presidency died with him that day and America has been mourning it ever since. This may come as a shock to some who follow this site but I believe that much of our cultural problems began with that gunshot in Dallas and they continue until this day.

We kinda gave up on religion in a way on that day as well. It just seems that our entire country lost their faith in God which had seemed to keep us going before that day. I realize that this post is not as encouraging as most of my other posts but I do want to end here on a positive note. Jesus said that He would come back to take all of us who believe in Him for our salvation to be with Him. That is the Hope that I am holding onto today and I pray that you will too.

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