How can I be a Christian?

I don’t know Jesus as my Savior? When Jesus called His disciples, they didn’t know Him either.

I’ve done so many things wrong in my life. Will God even consider saving me? Jesus saved the thief on the cross next to Him. He didn’t ask what he had done or if he was willing to change, he didn’t have time. The thief just asked Jesus to “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus told him “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

I don’t go to church and I’ve never read a Bible. Would God want me? Yes! Jesus came to save the lost, not those who thought they didn’t need Him. God calls us to be His. He chooses us to become His disciples so when you feel His touch in your heart, answer His call because that Is what you are feeling. All it takes is your willingness to say, “Jesus, come into my heart and change me to be Yours.” Then, go to church and read the Bible so you can learn more about your Savior.

I’ve been in church since I was little. I already know Him. But…I feel empty inside. Why? If you still feel an empty feeling inside, even if you’ve been in a Bible-teaching church since you were young, then you may still need to get to know Jesus as your Savior. Being in the church can give us a false sense of safety because we sing the songs and we’ve heard and read most of the Scriptures and you might have felt Him convict you of your need for a Savior, you might’ve just brushed the feeling away. This is when you need to seek Him in the gospels. Pray about your feeling of emptiness and ask Him to come into your heart and fill that place up.

God is moving in the world today bringing many people to Himself for their salvation. Even in places where they can’t go to church or maybe they don’t own a Bible. He is still making a way for them to come to Jesus and know Him as their Savior. If you don’t know or you’re not sure, seek Him at a Christian friend’s house or at a church. Get a Bible and read the gospels of Luke and John and pray that He will show you Who He is and that you need Him. We are very close to the time of the Tribulation foretold in the book of Revelation. Don’t wait. Seek Him today.

One thought on “How can I be a Christian?

  1. Thank you for breaking everything down. I believe this is a solid guide for those who have yet to come to the light of Jchsus! I personally have owned short excerpts from the Bible in braille, although I do not have a full physical copy. Instead, I have a copy on my braille device, through an app called One Verse a Day, which sends you verses each morning. I also recommend either, Biblical Christianity, Bibleref, or 412teens for a good theological perspective of spiritual truths. I also recommend you check out the YouTube channel Lion of Judah. The channel features sermons on salvation, sin, repentance, morality, doctrines, the church, the Gospel, Christian values, prophecy, the book of Revelation, eternity, and Satan.

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