Are you a debtor?

For many years, many of us were in debt. Today there are many who are in debt to banks and credit cards and to the government and to so many other things. Some are so attached to drugs and sex and fame and popularity that they can’t get away from their social media for even five minutes. Why? Our world and many of the people in it are so locked into these media systems that even one or two small things that are negative can cause them to consider suicide. Even small things can bring a very dark feeling into their inner being.

If you don’t know about Jesus when this darkness comes, you will search everywhere for something to get rid of it. Many people do this and they will go down some even darker paths than they should and they are searching for a way to get out of the darkness. But…Satan is leading them in the wrong direction since he can pose as an angel of light.

You are in debt to Jesus for the debt that He paid for you. You should work for Him after you’ve given your heart to Him because He is the Light of the World. It is His Light that brings people out of the darkness. He is the only One that can bring peace and light into this world of darkness and pain that we live in. Jesus paid the debt for ALL of us, whether we accept His gift of grace and love or not is our part in our individual salvation. We feel the touch of the Holy Spirit that convicts us about our need for salvation. It is our acceptance of this knowledge and our act of accepting it into our hearts that brings us to be saved.

If you decide that you would rather live your life in sin by walking away from your conviction of being a sinner, then you will likely never be brought back to being convicted that you need salvation.

I pray that this doesn’t happen to many people. I pray that when they are called and convicted of their need for salvation that they can’t turn away from it. God loves each of us and when His Holy Spirit touches your heart and shows you that you need Jesus, I pray that you will accept it and then take your gift of salvation and tell others about it. Tell them why they need Him because all of us need Him for our salvation. The Son of God died for our sins and we shouldn’t look down on His sacrifice by turning away from it.

He LOVES you!

2 thoughts on “Are you a debtor?

  1. I am so glad Jesus paid the price for our sins so we could inherit this freedom that the human mind cannot comprehend. As we prepare to celebrate His resurrection, let us be reminded of the sacrifice that was required to save the world from the penalty of sin, and free man from the power of Satan.

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