The faith of a child

Why does Jesus say that we must have this kind of faith? When a child is loved and cared for the faith that they have in their parents is absolute as long as their parents don’t get caught telling them a lie. That is the reason we must have faith in God and His Son, Jesus. It is the kind of faith that we must have if we are to become mature in our faith and as His disciples. We may never walk on water but our faith should be as focused as Peter was on Jesus when he took his first steps on the water.

In the world that we live in today, it is hard to have that kind of faith in things that we can’t see or touch. It is hard to have faith at all because of all of the information, true and not so true, that is available to us every day. So, can we have faith in God? If we are Christians who have had our lives changed because of God’s call on our lives we have a “measure of faith” that He gave us to bring us to know Him. Nothing from God’s Word can be understood without faith and when you realized that you needed Jesus because of your sins it was because of the Holy Spirit placing your faith inside your heart that brought you to that point.

While it is true that the Bible doesn’t state it in those words, this is what has to happen in a sinner’s life before they will realize that they truly NEED to give their heart to Jesus. God loves each of us, whether we return that love or not. He chooses those who will obey Him and do His work while there is time and it is those who truly belong to Him. I pray that all who might read this will seek Him in the Bible and prayerfully consider asking Jesus into your heart. One day it will be much worse in the world and it will be harder to be His so please make your decision soon.

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