Who was this Man?

Was Jesus just a man, like many people seem to think? An ordinary man could not walk on water. An ordinary man could not walk up to a grave after his friend was buried four days before and call him from the grave by name. An ordinary man could not orchestrate the place of His birth or His parents…God did. Jesus was and is the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, and He has brought hope and healing to many millions of people in the last two thousand years. No normal “man” could do that.

Jesus died on a cross, one of the cruelest ways to die, and He was buried in a borrowed tomb but He rose again and walked out of that tomb on the third day. During the time after His resurrection, He was seen by all of His disciples and by at least five hundred at one time. Then He was taken up into the clouds while His disciples watched and two angels told them, “Why do you stand gazing into the sky after Him. He will come again in like manner one day”.

Jesus is our Savior and our Hope and the many who have placed their hearts and their hope in Him over time could attest to that. Many thousands of people have died for their faith in Him and you wouldn’t die for a lie or for “just a normal man or a prophet”. Many have died for their faith in Him that they wouldn’t recant and the “church” caused many of those deaths because people were reading God’s Word in their own language rather than coming to mass and listening to the Word of God being read to them in Latin. One day that church will be judged for those deaths.

God is waiting for the last person to come to know Jesus as their Savior and when that time comes, the church will be taken up and the world will mourn because they missed it. But then they will find another “messiah” and the time of Jacob’s Trouble will begin. The Earth will become more like hell than heaven during this time and I pray that any or all who would like to know Jesus as their Savior will seek Him out today because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

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