Who gives us our reward?

Many people seem to be chasing after things more and more today. It is almost like everyone is trying to get ahead of their neighbor because they have this thing and I need something bigger. Why? We are rewarded with all of our blessings through God the Father because of our faith in Him and in Jesus Christ. He even gives to each of us, whether we deserve it or not, the breath that we breathe and the home that we live our family lives in. Even those who do not worship Him get their blessings from Him although they probably think that they did it themselves. No man is capable of doing these things alone. We are given our good things in this life in order to give God thanks for all of it…but do we thank Him for them or do we pat ourselves on the back and say to ourselves “You did good!”.

All of the rewards that we are given in this life come from God and we should acknowledge it. But…pride, the original sin, gets in the way. Pride in our education and in the money that we have earned yet it is God that has given each of us the intellect and ability to have everything that we enjoy. In the Old Testament, Solomon was a wise king and God gave him much in all things of this world. He had riches and wisdom and he built the most magnificent Temple that the Jews ever worshiped in but his wisdom showed him that everything that we gain in this life is like a puff of smoke.

Vanity of vanities…Solomon said that all of the work of mankind is only pride and a puff of smoke.We labor for all of our “things” only to die and give them to people who didn’t do the work to attain them. Your only true reward is the one you will gain when you enter into heaven after following Jesus in this life and doing His work while you can. Then your reward will be, “Well done, my good and faithful servant…”. I pray that will be what I hear from my Lord one day and I also pray that you will too.

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