You are called!

If you have felt the touch of God in your heart then you have been called by God! This is one call that you don’t want to hang up on or ignore!

Why do I say this? Because no one is sure of waking up or having a tomorrow morning. God loves you and He knows what you can do because He is the One Who created you and placed your talent in you. Each person that God has called, He has always equipped them with the ability to do what they have been called for. Whether it is preaching, teaching or just washing dishes you can be useful to God’s Kingdom.

I know that sounds crazy but God can use crazy sometimes. I mean He even made a donkey talk once so He can surely give you the talent and the ability to fulfill His calling on your life. Don’t turn away from His call. He sent Jesus to save humanity from their sinful natures and from the punishment that disobedience brings. All that you or I or anyone else has to do is recognize His touch on your heart, admit that you are a sinner and that you need Jesus as your Savior. Then believe in Him as your Savior and change your life to follow His teachings from the gospels.

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