There are days that I feel fine, then there are some days that I feel like not getting out of bed. Even Jesus had days that He dreaded but He knew that His mission and purpose was to fulfill the will and purpose of His Father. That is the what we, as Christians, should wake up to each day. Sure there are days that feel like a struggle from the moment you wake up, even before your feet hit the floor but God can give you the strength to get through this day and maybe tomorrow too.

He knows where your life ends and on what day that will be and He has planned for it. Have you?

Most of us live our lives as if we are going to live forever here on this Earth but that isn’t so. We prepare for retirement and many years into our future when we don’t even know what tomorrow holds. Only God knows what is going to happen even five minutes from now. We can’t see into the future even that far and that is enough to make me glad that He can see it and He has planned for it.

I was reading Jonathan Edward’s “Sinners in the hands of an angry God”, his sermon that sparked an awakening of religious fervor in colonial America. The words that he used and the length of his sermon would’ve angered many people today considering the fact that it was about four hours long or more at a time when air conditioning wasn’t a thing. He told of God being angry with us to the point of our lives being compared to hanging from a moldy rope over a boiling pot of flaming oil (his description of hell). Is God angry with us enough to threaten us with this kind of punishment? He is if we don’t choose to give our lives to Jesus and repent of our sinful ways. It is our sins that take us into that pit of hell. It is our decision to reject Jesus as our Savior that sends us to that place. God doesn’t want to send us there but when we reject Jesus we are placing our life and our future on the side of Satan.

Our days are numbered and only God knows how many we will have. Some of us may live a long life and some of us may not see tomorrow morning so make sure of your salvation before the night comes. You might wake up in His Presence and you will need Jesus as your advocate and Savior when you do.

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