Life…as we know it

Has anyone considered how much our world is changing? Almost every day there is a new “variant” of the coronavirus and somehow it is even more contagious than the last one! There are more problems and storms and heat waves happening all around us…but this was foretold in the Bible so we shouldn’t be surprised (if we believe His Word). Yes, life is changing rapidly. It is very hard to keep up with all of the changes sometimes. It even makes the days and months seem to go by faster.

God has never given up on humanity but much of humanity has given up on Him. His Word has been ridiculed and taken out of most education systems. Prayer has been forbidden in public places and in schools. It is a wonder to me that He hasn’t turned away from us sooner but His patience and His love show up in unexpected ways every day. We feel it when we wake up and when we see a bird fly over. We know He controls the future when a baby is born into the world. God has a purpose for each of us and it is up to us to find it in His Word.

God gives each of us a talent that we are to use for His Kingdom and His glory because He created us for Himself. Just as He walked in the Garden with Adam and Eve, He walks with us each day if our heart belongs to Him. That doesn’t mean that He turns away from those who don’t believe in Him for their salvation but He does patiently wait for us to seek Him and ask Him for that relationship to be ours. Some of us were created to be leaders in the church and some were created to be helpers and teachers and all sorts of other jobs that are needed. Prayer warriors are part of His Kingdom and they are the ones that pray every day for those who are sick or hurting or in pain or for whatever reason. All of us are important to Him, believer and non-believer alike.

The time to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is now because the time of the church age is growing short. If you haven’t felt His call in your heart I would suggest that you seek Him soon. If you have felt His touch in your heart, then truly seek Him out…soon. Why? Because on the day that the church is taken up, you surely don’t want to be left here to go through the Tribulation.


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