What an answer!

Jesus said, “What is it that I should do for you?” “Lord, I want to see!”

Lord, I want to see! Do you? Can you see? The work of Jesus allows us to see His work and His salvation. The blind man wanted to see and we should want to see. Physical sight is wonderful because of all of the beauty that is seen in God’s natural world all around us. He created all of it but have you ever wondered what you would see if your spiritual eyes were open as well?

The blind man, Bartimeaus, wanted to see with his eyes but when his physical eyes were healed I believe that his spiritual eyes were opened as well. He could see Who it was that had healed him. He could see that it was the Messiah, Jesus the Son of God! Few people in Jesus’ day could see that He was the Christ, the Messiah that had been foretold many hundreds of years before because they didn’t want to see Him. The priests didn’t want to see another Teacher, although He was that. They didn’t want to hear about a prophet from Nazareth or Galilee. They knew that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem but they didn’t know that He had been born there and that He was from the line of David.

Lord, I want to see! They didn’t see their Savior because of their idea of Him. He was supposed to be a conqueror and King. He was and He is but He didn’t come the first time as a King…He came as our Savior to pay the price for our souls to bring us back into a right and consecrated life through the blood of His sacrifice on the cross. He knew that it was about to happen soon because He was on the way to Jerusalem for His last Passover with His disciples before His crucifixion.

Why is it that even today people have their idea of salvation and how to obtain it? They think that somehow they have to help God to fix their life so they can be saved. Your life doesn’t need fixing but your heart needs to be remade into the image of the heart of Jesus. The Holy Spirit will come into your heart and change it so that it will reflect His image and His way of living every day afterward. We can’t do anything that will change us or clean us up enough to be ready to give our life to Jesus. When you feel that you need Him and that you are lost and going to hell without Him, that is when you can see that you are not enough without Jesus in your life.

I pray that many of you who read this will seek Him out as your Savior today because many of us don’t have tomorrow. We are not guaranteed another day of life but eternity is a very long time, make sure of your destination and that it is with the Lord.

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