This likely saved me as well

May be an image of text that says 'A Grandmother's Prayer Dear Jesus, I whisper into the darkness. I feel Your Presence near. have some things to share with You. know that You will hear. I bring my cares before You, And lay them at Your feet. ー ask You, please watch over them; Each grandchild, oh so sweet. They're young and very precious. They have so much to learn. Lord Jesus, please protect them. Direct them at each turn. And when each child is fully grown, I'll bring them to You still, Asking for Your blessing, And praying for Your Will. Amen! Judy K Billing'
I don’t know what my mother and grandmother prayed when I was a teen and so crazy, but it was likely a prayer like this that saved me from killing myself back in the late seventies.

4 thoughts on “This likely saved me as well

      1. Tracy, I am beyond pleased with the progress you are making. I know that God is surely by your side and providing you His great comfort and wisdom as you go through these dark times. Know that I am standing by you, awaiting for you to go to the other side of this: not the same, but better, stronger, wiser, and a warrior who will make a huge impact on the lives of so many other people. Tracy, Satan is not after your sermons or your career; he’s after your temimony!! I see the courage and perseverance you express through your writing and your gift of evangelism. God is actually fighting for you, and I boldly join in His army for you. Tracy, Satan will not get away with all the torment he has placed against you: mark my words. He thinks he is winning and getting you down, when God is actually getting the glory out of it by raising you higher! The fact God sent you back to a church that shows compassion and tender love is a huge sign. Praise God!
        Keep fighting, Tracy! God will surely use you to bless and encourage others in this dark chapter our world is facing.

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