God’s provision

When you have given your heart and your life to Jesus, He gives His Life to you. You are a beneficiary of the Lamb of God and you have been adopted into God’s family. God loves each of us dearly, whether we love Him or believe in Him or not. The problem that many people have with God and His provision for them is that He knows exactly who among us will accept His provision and His salvation through Jesus and His sacrifice for them. He also knows who will not accept it. This upsets some people. Because they think that they might be in the group that won’t accept it, they choose not to and go on with their lives. The problem with this is that He knows but you do not and it is Satan who is telling you that you aren’t wanted by God so go back to your life like it was before.

You are wanted by God but it is still your decision to make. He doesn’t force or try to manipulate you into giving your heart to Jesus it must be a willing decision on your part. Satan knows this and that is why he tries his best to convince you to go back to your “old life”.

God provides us with every imagined good thing in our lives. Some of it is our stuff that we are able to have because of the gifts and abilities that He has blessed us with but most of these blessings are because of His love for us. The air that we breathe, the ground that we can walk on and the planet that we live on are all provided because of His love for us. I know that some scientists say that God didn’t have anything to do with our planet or the universe’s formation. It just happened because of the “big bang” and chance. Really? How many mountains have you ever seen form because a bomb was dropped and exploded? I haven’t seen any.

Things, like stars, planets and galaxies, do not form from gas and dust for no reason. Some of you may not want to hear or read that but it is true. There was and is a Designer in charge of all of the matter and “star stuff” that is present in our universe and His name is God!

We have been given far more than we deserve in the lives that we live, whether we live them for Jesus and His Kingdom or not. Our problem is that mankind has been in rebellion against God almost since the very beginning. We are like little children. We want it now and we want it our way, not the way that God wants us to do it. I pray that each of you who may read this will consider giving your heart to Jesus for your salvation. Then get into the Bible and read two books first afterwards. Read John and Romans. John because it will give you and good foundation in what Jesus’ teachings were and Romans because it goes into depth with those teachings and gives you a better understanding of why they are important to your Spiritual life in Christ.

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