What is your view of the world? That is your perspective, your perception of things and all of the stuff that is happening around you in the world. So, do you look around you with eyes that see a world that God made for us or do you see dirt and grass and bugs and trees that just popped up from a single cell billions of years ago?

To me, it would take far more faith to believe in a naturalistic, evolutionary worldview than it would to believe that God created it all and made it perfectly for humanity to live. But…that’s just my perspective. To give you a perspective of how small we are in the “scheme” of things, take a look at this picture below.

These trees are alive and growing and have been for a very long time. There are mountains and oceans and canyons which also set our perspective in a way that we look very tiny by comparison. The aorta of a blue whale, for example, is almost big enough for a man to stand upright inside it. There are so many different ways to look at the world to see the wonder and majesty of God’s creation.

I pray that you will seek God for your Salvation through His Son, Jesus. Learn of Him, read His Word and become an adopted son or daughter.

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