Beautiful but deadly

There is much beauty in the ice and snow that covers the trees and the ground but they can be deadly. God’s love is extended to everyone who wants it, see that you seek Him as your Savior while there is time. The creation that is all around us that is sparkling and pretty right now won’t last and the effect that it is having on our country will get better after all of it melts. Yes, it seems like winter is taking a little while longer to go away but it will. I pray that those who have had pipes to burst or have been without power for a few days will get some help to stay warm.

If there was something that I could do for those in need I would but all that I can do is pray and that is the easy part. God will provide for you if you will depend upon Him for your needs and your rescue. Seek Him for your help and for your Salvation and both will come.

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